Pco Drivers Vacancy Is Available For Competent Drivers

PCO driver vacancies are offered by our mini cab company for experienced individuals who are good at driving and posses great customer-care skills. Our mini cab firm is a distinguished firm situated in London which has been providing excellent mini cab services since the last thirty years and continues to do so without any concession in quality.

Due to the growing popularity of our mini cab services and increasing demand of our top-quality rides provided which are reasonably priced; we are seeking to expand and employ drivers who hold a Public Hire License in London.

We believe to provide our clients with the best services possible. The satisfaction of our clients is our precedence. Therefore, we are searching for gifted individuals who are determined to execute their duties with full effort.

On the other hand, where we highly value client approval we also guarantee that our employed staff remains pleased with their job and all complaints are tended to immediately. We take good care of our staff too and in return expect the best. We highly favor talented individuals who hold the same set of values and put in their best shot while working.

Our work is mainly cash based and the employment we offer falls into: shift work, part-time work and full-time work. We equip our drivers with swift mini cabs, fuel, insurance, maintenance and training which make them the best. We provide periodic breaks to our employed drivers so that they manage to stay bright throughout their work hours. All the tips that our employed drivers collect are theirs to keep.

An outline of what the job requires you to do:

Requirements For The Candidates Applying For This Job Vacancy

The selected candidates are required to join promptly and are provided ample training for their time on the road. Good etiquettes, proper behavior and polite speech are a must have. The candidates should also be good at handling the passengers and assessing their needs, that is they must possess good customer care skills. A former job which focuses on customer-care is highly preferred.

A general outline of what the job requires a candidate to do is:

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